Isnin, 22 Oktober 2012

Polo GTI 2012 Low Mileage 60km For Sale

Polo GTI 2012
Low Mileage 60km
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Rabu, 3 Oktober 2012

Audi R8 2013

  IT seems scarcely believable,but the R8 is now six years old.Hardly looks like it doesn't it?It boggles the mind that it has stood the test of time as well as it has,looking just us graceful and futuristic today as it did in 2006.Audi has just released pictures and details of the 2013 R8,which has been given a mild nip and tuck incide and out.From the looks of it,there are no major changes visually.That's just as well'as none were needed anyway.
  Before we delve into the details,let's go back to that figure-six full yearsfrom initial introduction to facelift.Within the same amount of time,Porsche transformed its much-criticised 996 into the lovely 997,and still had time to spare to develop and launch the revolutionary 991.So is Audi being lazy,or was the original R8 such an innovative and visionary product that it needed little to no updates to stay competitive?You can draw your own conclusions,but take note of this-Audi launched the R8 in 2006 with its aluminium space frame technology,a feature that no production Porsche has been able to replicate.
  The visual updates include lightly revised front and rear bumpers,larger rear diffuser and most prominent of all,new full-LED headlight (now standard on all variants) and taillight.Exhaust tips on all variants are now circular,following the limited-production R8 GT that was introduced in 2010.The headlight graphics now appear more aggressive than before,arguably losing some of the elegance that made the R8 such a fashion icon in the place.
  There are much bigger changes underneath the sheetmetal.The standard R8 retains the same 4.2-litre V8 engine,though its power output has been increased to 430bhpNM of torque.New R8 V10 owners will not get a power upgrade,the 5-2-litre engine still pegged at 525bhp and 530Nm.Those who insist on having more speed will have to get the 550bhp/540Nm R8 V10 plus,a new flagship model that comes standard with a carbonfibre front splitter,rear diffuser,sideblades and unique black tailpipes.These add-ons however,are available on all variants as cost options.
  New to the line-up is the 7-speed S-tronic dual-clutch gearbox that replaced the old Lamborghini-sourced R-Tronic self-shifting transmission.Audi claims that the new gearbox shaves off three tenths of a second off the R8's 0-100km/h time on all models compared to the manual variants.Such equipped,the 2013 R8 V8 takes 4.3 seconds to get up 100km/h,while the range topping R8 V10 plus annihilates the century sprint in just 3.5 seconds.

Isnin, 1 Oktober 2012

Bently Continental GT & GTC

  ALONG with the World of Bently showcase,the team from Crewe flew down some demo cars for select media to test drive.We had a go in the Continental GT and GTC with both cars sporting the new 4.0-litre V8 twin-turbo engine.
  Prior to this the Continental range was available only with the 6.0-litre w12 in varios states of  tune.The new V8 has ben co developed with fellow VW Group brand Audi but each engine is sent to Crewe to be 'Bently-ised' before it's fitted to the car.The numbers bear this out.You get 500bhp and 662Nm and though both are down on the W12,you could hardly call them inadequate especially since the new engine brings with it lighter weigh,reduced CO2 emissions and an 8-speed automatic (recently fitted to the W12 too).
  The V8 cars get some styling tweaks to give them a slightly different look and feel.There are new lower bumpers,black mesh grille inserts,red-B logos and exhaust pipes shaped like the number eight.Inside,there is the same level of quality and-built craftsmanship,though the dashboard design is starting to date just a bit.You forget such minor things when you start the engine.
  The V8 woofle and thunder when at higher revs is completely to this engine.There is a louder sports exhaust option so this is clearly the Bently to sho-off in.Performance is effortless with thrust available from anywhere you want.You can also select ride stiffness levels but we would steer clear of the hardest settings unless you were on a racetrack.With peerless AWD traction,it's a safe and competent handling car with enough comfort for long distance touring.
  The same can be said for the GTC though obviously you get the benefit of a fabric.How often you'll use it is debatablebut it does cut a more elegant profile than the metal roofed GT.Either way,you would be getting one of the best GT cars in the world and with the new thunder from the V8 motor,it will also be one of the best to listen to.